Welcome to my Blog!

This blog is dedicated to living set free!  Every single day I struggled with discovering and walking into my calling.  The largest part of my struggle was the feeling of inadequacy and failure to realize my freedom in Christ.  As believers, we are free to live without condemnation, without acknowledgment of the whispers and without reminders of our past.  The shackles were broken a long time ago.  Christ freed me as soon as I made the choice to follow Him.  

One of my favorite bible verses can be found in Romans.  It reminds me every single day that I have been set free!  Take a look…..Romans-8.1,2This verse encourages me daily as I fight in this battle called life.  We all know, the enemy prowls around attempting to devour us.  He comes in the form of fake friends, lust, rebellion, fear, and so much more.  He even comes in the form of burdens and weights we shouldn’t be carrying.  He knows that if he can destroy us then maybe he can affect our ministry.

Yes!  Your ministry.  So many think…. “I don’t have a ministry”.  But, believe it or not, we all have a ministry and a calling on our lives.

As a daughter in ministry, the weights I carried felt too heavy.  I attempted to carry the load myself instead of giving it all to Christ.  I let the enemy sneak in and begin his attack. I started to fall. The attacks began to make me forget who delivered me and who I belonged to.  But God had other plans!  The enemy forgot, not only am I the daughter of an anointed man of God, I am also the daughter of the Most High.  As His daughter, I have an anointing on my life the enemy could not touch.  Despite the attacks of the enemy I am here.  Despite the attacks, you are here! 

The enemy sneaks in and attempts to remind us of our past.  He loves to point out how many times we fell into his trap.  But Romans 8:1,2 reminds us there is no condemnation to those who belong to Christ. We are His and His love is unwavering. Absolutely nothing will separate you from the love of Christ.  He has given us the authority to live set free!

Our Father called us  knowing our past, present, and future.  Christ died and set us free from bondage!  We are no longer slaves to sin. We are warriors in Christ.  We survived the attacks.  Now it’s time to challenge yourself!  Challenge yourself to live set free and walk into your calling.  Join me in this journey. Absolutely nothing will stop the calling on our lives. You were born for this.  You are a daughter of the anointed and the most high!

Make the choice