God’s Vision is More!

John 4:46 – 54

As he traveled through Galilee, he came to Cana, where he had turned the water into wine. There was a government official in nearby Capernaum whose son was very sick.  When he heard that Jesus had come from Judea to Galilee, he went and begged Jesus to come to Capernaum to heal his son, who was about to die. Jesus asked, “Will you never believe in me unless you see miraculous signs and wonders?” The official pleaded, “Lord, please come now before my little boy dies.” Then Jesus told him, “Go back home. Your son will live!” And the man believed what Jesus said and started home. While the man was on his way, some of his servants met him with the news that his son was alive and well.  He asked them when the boy had begun to get better, and they replied, “Yesterday afternoon at one o’clock his fever suddenly disappeared!”  Then the father realized that that was the very time Jesus had told him, “Your son will live.” And he and his entire household believed in Jesus. This was the second miraculous sign Jesus did in Galilee after coming from Judea.


I love this story of deliverance!  This story speaks on patience, deliverance, and obedience wrapped in a nice bow.  We live in a world that wants everything right now.  We lack patience.  We want everything delivered quicker, faster, and based on our timing.  We are pretty much……. spoiled.

In this story, there was a government official with a sick son.  He knew about Jesus and sought him out.  He pleaded with Jesus twice to heal his son. The first time he simply asked.  The second time he told Jesus when he needed to do it by saying “Lord, come now before my little boy dies.”  For some reason the official thought Jesus had to make his way immediately to his child in order to save him.  His faith was weak.

Jesus didn’t do exactly what the official wanted Him to do.  The official’s faith was small.  He underestimated the power of God.  He doesn’t have  to do things our way to get the job done.  He’s the Almighty and can do anything at anytime and anywhere.  The official got anxious and frustrated with Jesus after he asked the first time.  The second time he added “Now” to his request.  He gave a specific demand, as if God doesn’t control time!

Who are we to make demands? Better yet, who are we to give God instructions?

How many times do we give God a deadline? I’ve done this so many times!  We often cry out to the Lord for healing, deliverance, and break through.  We tell the Lord we need it right now!  We make our demands, aka “requests”, and attempt to rush God and give Him instructions on what He should do for us.  We even have the audacity to tell him when we need it done.  We say stuff like “Lord, I really need you to increase my finances by the end of this month.”  Our deadlines are laughable!  How are we going to give the Alpha & Omega a deadline?  He is the inventor of time…

After the official made his requests, Christ had mercy on him. He told him to go home and confirmed his son would live.  I find it interesting the official immediately went back home.  He didn’t continue begging Christ to come with Him.  He didn’t second guess what Jesus said. He took Christ at His Word and went home.  He was obedient.  Are we that obedient?  Gosh! Am I that obedient? When we pray for healing or deliverance do we follow His instructions.  If we are praying for the Lord to deliver us from eating unhealthy and the Lord instructs us to fast and remove all chocolate from our diet for a month, do we still buy snickers at the snack machine at work?  Do we follow God’s specific instructions that will lead to our deliverance?  Or are we impatient?   Do we continue to beg during prayer and take no action to bring forth His deliverance?  Faith without works is dead! We can learn a lot from this begging official.

On his way back his servants met up with him and let him know his son was healed.  Based on the timing, he was healed as soon as God said.  BUT, that is not the best part of the story.  The best part was the deliverance.  Because of his son’s healing, his entire household believed in Christ and was saved.  If the official’s son was never sick, he would’ve never sought after Jesus.  Sometimes our storms are put there not only for us to find Jesus, but so that others can find him through us.  Our storms prepare us to be His vessel!

So, I ask…….who’s not being set free because of your disobedience?  Because the official shared Jesus and His testimony, his entire household was saved.  The official initially came to seek healing for His son.   He knew Jesus could save.  He knew Jesus had the power to work miracles. But his faith was small.  His vision was small.  He couldn’t see pass the healing of his son.   God’s vision is so much more that we can imagine.  God’s vision not only included the healing of his son. God’s vision included obedience that brought about healing, healing that brought about a testimony, and a testimony that saved an entire household. The official was only thinking about his son. But God’s vision included his entire home.  His vision was so much bigger!

Christ wants to heal, deliver, and bring about your breakthrough.  But, please understand, He wants to do so much more.  Your healing is just a small part of this huge design God has for your life.  Increase your expectations because God’s vision for you is so much more.


Author: Daughter of the Anointed

Welcome to my BLOG! I am a woman who enjoys blogging and sharing what God lays on my heart. My blog focuses on living set free every single day. I believe everyone in this life has a purpose. I also believe God has given each of us the authority to live set free without condemnation of what He has already forgiven us from. My challenge for anyone who reads my blog is to live set free and remove the stains of condemnation that attempt to pop up throughout our walk. LiveSetFree!

3 thoughts on “God’s Vision is More!”

  1. Amen💙 Great post!
    It reminds me of Ephesians 3:20, “With God’s power working in us, God can do much, much more than anything we can ask or imagine.” (NCV)
    That verse is mind-boggling when you really think about it!! It gives me chills😊


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